Below I’ve listed a variety of articles that address key issues for parenting kids through separation and divorce.  Some are more relevant to parents in the beginning stages while other posts touch on topics related to parents further down the road.

As new stuff gets churned out, I'll be adding to the list, so be sure to check back.

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Get back to calm and carry on: helping kids transition between Mom’s house and Dad’s house

As parents, we often glide through a multitude of changes without so much as batting an eye.  After all, it comes with the territory. Lauren wakes up with a fever, so you adjust your schedule, make a couple of calls…

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I don’t want to!!! What to do when kids have a meltdown over seeing or talking to the other parent.

Your stomach starts knotting up and a sense of dread washes over you. You wonder to yourself, “How did it get to be that time again so soon?” Holding your breath, you enter the room desperately hoping that this time…

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Bypassing Battles with Your Ex Over Parenting Styles

  If your repeated requests to “nix the junk” are falling on deaf ears, it’s time to consider a new coparenting approach. From what time Jacob should go to bed to whether or not Haley should be allowed to go…

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Middle Ground – Handling Discipline Differences Between Two Households

When discipline differences between divorced parents rear their ugly head, even the most amiable co-parents can begin to feel edgy and frustrated. Navigating issues such as what’s an appropriate bedtime for 5-year-old Rebecca, to at what age should Charlie get…

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