a film about divorce for kids
and their parents
from filmmaker Ellen Bruno and 12 amazing kids

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“A beautiful film that should be required viewing
for all parents going through divorce.

It will touch your heart, highly recommended!”

Each year millions of children are left to manage their parent’s divorce, on their own or with little support.

While divorce changes almost every part of a child’s life, sadly it’s rarely talked about in a helpful or healing way.

Until now…

Created to let kids know they’re not alone, SPLIT normalizes the many feelings children experience while providing the reassuring message that it’s okay to talk about divorce.

Featuring twelve amazing children (6-12 years old) this film also gives parents an unfiltered glimpse of what it really feels like for kids when parents part and pulls back the curtain on all the unspoken worries children often face.

Filled with straight from the heart wisdom this deeply touching documentary offers hope, healing and even a few laugh out loud moments.

With great honesty and courage, this enchanting film
touches on tough topics such as:

  • Guilt over mom and dad breaking up
  • Worries about being fair
  • Feeling caught in the middle
  • Understanding what happened
  • Going back and forth
  • Meeting new people

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