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Christina McGhee professional divorce and children speaker

Christina McGhee is a “media savvy” divorce-parenting expert whose practical advice has been highlighted both online and in print.  Over the years, she has been featured on television, radio, podcasts, tele-summits and webinars. Some of the places you may have seen her are, Today Parents, Parenting Magazine, The Times, Channel 4, the BBC, NYU Doctor Radio and The Dr. Laura Berman Radio Show on the Oprah Network just to name a few.

Christina is an informative and engaging guest who brings insight and strategies to help separating families deal with “real-life” challenges.  As a zealous advocate for children she does an excellent job of keeping the focus where it belongs… on kids.

Christina speaks on a wide range of topics from what to do in the beginning stages of separation to dealing with issues years down the road.  She is also skilled at addressing tough issues like discipline differences, dealing with a difficult Ex, high-conflict personalities, badmouthing and neutralizing divorce drama.


sample interviews and features


"Twelve Rules of a Healthy Separation" The Times

"How to Be a Good Divorced Parent...What the Expert Says" The Times

"Discipline Across Two Households" Parents Magazine

"Conversation and Compassion: An Interview About SPLIT, A film about divorce for kids and their parents" StepMom Magazine

"Forming a New Family" Argus Leader

"Divorce Webinar Part of Texas PTA's Push to Help Families at Home Too." The Dallas Morning News


"How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce " Podcast DR ROBYN: How to Talk to Kids About Anything.

"Kids: What Will This Do To Me"  HLNTV's Kyra Phillips from Raising America

"How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids", Channel 4 | Twenty Twenty Television.

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