Below I’ve listed a variety of articles that address key issues for parenting kids through separation and divorce.  Some are  more relevant to parents in the beginning stages while other posts touch on topics related to parents further down the road.

As new stuff gets churned out, I'll be adding to the list, so be sure to check back.

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What every parent needs to know about helping kids cope with divorce

7 minute read When I coach parents about how to help their children cope with divorce, one of the first questions they often ask is “What do I say?” or “How can I talk about this?” And it’s not just…

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7 Ways You Might Be a KickAss CoParent and Not Even Know It.

Since Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin put “conscious uncoupling” into the limelight a few years ago, the face of coparenting has started to shift.  As a society, we seem to be embracing a new way forward and lots of coparents…

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6 Things Every Divorced Parent Should "Stop Doing"

Dear Kids, I’ve been thinking about how life has changed for you. There are so many things about our divorce that I wish I could fix or make less painful for you but I can’t.  I hate that. You may…

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Gift Giving Tips for Divorced Parents

Molly used to love Christmas but now she can’t wait for it to be over.  Ever since her parents split, the holidays have turned into a gift-giving battleground.  Now during the holidays all her parents seem to care about is…

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