Below I’ve listed a variety of articles that address key issues for parenting kids through separation and divorce.  Some are more relevant to parents in the beginning stages while other posts touch on topics related to parents further down the road.

As new stuff gets churned out, I'll be adding to the list, so be sure to check back.

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Understanding Parent Alienation and Divorce

What is Parent Alienation? Parent alienation is a dynamic where a child is significantly influenced by one parent (typically referred to the “favored” parent) to completely reject the other parent (often known as the “unfavored” parent). Children are literally placed…

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Remarriage and Stepparenting

Second marriages can be very rewarding, however, they can also be very stressful. Second marriages carry more demands than first marriages and often require a greater degree of flexibility. Think child support, dealing with ex-spouses, juggling schedules, managing children out…

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Dating After Divorce

First and foremost give yourself time to heal.Part of that healing involves accepting responsibility for your part in the marriage not having been successful. One common mistake made by divorcees is buying into the idea that we were just married…

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Tips for Parenting Out of Two Homes

Encourage a two home concept.Children should feel they have a home with both Mom and Dad regardless of how much time is spent with either parent. Be supportive of both homes.Avoid judging or criticizing your child’s home with the other…

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