Below I’ve listed a variety of articles that address key issues for parenting kids through separation and divorce.  Some are more relevant to parents in the beginning stages while other posts touch on topics related to parents further down the road.

As new stuff gets churned out, I'll be adding to the list, so be sure to check back.

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Adjustment Factors for Children of Divorce

There are many factors, which affect how children are able to cope with divorce. Some of those factors we can influence through our own actions, others we may have no control over. Researchers have estimated that the period of adjustment…

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What Parents Can Do for Kids of Divorce

In the Beginning… If possible, have both parents present when telling children about the divorce. Discuss what you will tell children before hand. Also, keep explanations simple and avoid placing blame. Use general statements such as Mom and Dad can’t…

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Guidelines for Divorced Parents to Live by

The Do’s Do love your children as much as possible. Show them your love through words and actions. Do tell your children divorce is not their fault. Keep in mind, they’ll need to hear it more than once. Do reassure…

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The Conflict Connection: Figuring Out What Makes Your Difficult Ex Tick

Joe was at his wits end. Ever since his divorce he tried to do everything he could think of to get along with his ex, Maria. It seemed like no matter how hard he tried nothing worked. While they would…

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