Telling others about your divorce

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For the sake of our children, how do we talk about this change with our families and friends in a way that preserves dignity and respect ?”
Children need

  • To maintain a strong and positive connection to both parents and extended family members.
  • The ability to feel proud of both parts of their families.
  • To be shielded from bitterness, blame and adult issues.
  • Protection from negative perspectives  and feelings held by relatives and friends towards a parent.

What can you do?

  • Take responsibility for your part in things not working and do your best to offer children a balanced perspective about the situation.
  • Avoid putting children in the position of having to choose between Mom and Dad.
  • When necessary set boundaries with extended family members or friends.
  • Create a non-blaming story about the divorce or split to share with others that is respectful to your children.