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One Coparenting Mistake You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

Coparenting Mistake You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

HANDLING HOLIDAYS AFTER DIVORCE AS COPARENTS CAN BE TRICKY. The holidays are here. Although it’s meant to be a warm and fuzzy time of year when goodwill prevails, sadly for many coparents, the reason for the season transforms into a vicious game of “one-upping.” If  “one-upping” isn’t part of your day to day vocabulary, it…

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Gift Giving Tips for Divorced Parents

Molly used to love Christmas but now she can’t wait for it to be over.  Ever since her parents split, the holidays have turned into a gift-giving battleground.  Now during the holidays all her parents seem to care about is how they can outdo each other.  While getting nice gifts initially was pretty cool, it…

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Tips for managing the summer for separated parents

Christina’s top  4 tips for helping separated parents  “Survive the Summer” as seen on Two of the biggest summer issues for separated parents are: 1. Who’s going to pay for it?2. How are we going to schedule it? If you are struggling with either or both of these issues, keep the following tips in mind.…

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