Easing Back and Forth Stress for Kids After Divorce

All the things your kids needed before the divorce, they will continue to need after you split up. How those needs get met, however, can be a real challenge when parents have different parenting styles, household structure, and rules. While it helps when parents can be on the same page about everyday routines, discipline, and…

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Tips for Parenting Out of Two Homes

Encourage a two home concept. Children should feel they have a home with both Mom and Dad regardless of how much time is spent with either parent. Be supportive of both homes. Avoid judging or criticizing your child’s home with the other parent. Comparing the two homes or trying to find fault with one home…

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My Ex is a slob and it’s driving me crazy

If you search the web looking for information on post-divorce parenting, chances are you’ll find quite a bit of chatter about how to manage big-ticket items. How do you break the news to your kids? What’s the best approach to co-parenting? When do you introduce your kids to someone new? You get the idea. But…

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