Positive Parenting

Helping children of divorce become resilient

HELPING CHILDREN LEARN HOW TO COPE DOESN’T HAPPEN WHEN WE TRY TO FIX THEIR PROBLEMS. And yet, parents do it all the time. I personally happen to be a frequent offender in this department. Even though I teach my clients about this parenting strategy all the time, it’s amazing how often I still catch myself…

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Easing Back and Forth Stress for Kids After Divorce

All the things your kids needed before the divorce, they will continue to need after you split up. How those needs get met, however, can be a real challenge when parents have different parenting styles, household structure, and rules. While it helps when parents can be on the same page about everyday routines, discipline, and…

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PARENTING APART TIP: Making time to take time

There’s no doubt that the daily grind can seriously impact the quality of our relationship with kids. Whether you are rushing to get to school on time, hassling over homework or trying to get everyone into bed, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of being a full-time taskmaster. Pair that with your own list…

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