One Coparenting Mistake You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

Coparenting Mistake You Should Avoid This Holiday Season

HANDLING HOLIDAYS AFTER DIVORCE AS COPARENTS CAN BE TRICKY. The holidays are here. Although it’s meant to be a warm and fuzzy time of year when goodwill prevails, sadly for many coparents, the reason for the season transforms into a vicious game of “one-upping.” If  “one-upping” isn’t part of your day to day vocabulary, it…

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Workbook for couples

In this fast paced, high tech world we live in, many couples are finding themselves facing new and different relationship challenges. For better or worse, we are breaking new ground.  Over the past decade, roles have changed, social media has infiltrated our lives and the dynamics of family life have clearly diversified. Unfortunately, instead of…

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Telling others about your divorce

“For the sake of our children, how do we talk about this change with our families and friends in a way that preserves dignity and respect ?” Children need What can you do? Want to connect with other parents? Consider joining our community on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Telling Children – What Do You Say?


TELLING CHILDREN “How can we tell our children about our decision while safeguarding our individual relationships and  minimizing tension?” What and how children are told about your decision to separate or divorce is critical. Not only will it shape how your children experience your separation but it will also set the stage for future your…

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When Children Get Angry About Divorce

Anger and sadness are usually the two most significant feelings children struggle with when parents choose to go their separate ways.While neither falls into the easy to deal with category, usually finding healthy ways to help children manage anger is a real challenge for parents. To offer some insight into what happens for children, here’s…

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