Beginning Stages and First Steps

Remarriage and Stepparenting

Second marriages can be very rewarding, however, they can also be very stressful. Second marriages carry more demands than first marriages and often require a greater degree of flexibility. Think child support, dealing with ex-spouses, juggling schedules, managing children out of two separate households. Issues to consider as a couple: Step-parenting pointers Don’t expect your…

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Dating After Divorce

First and foremost give yourself time to heal.Part of that healing involves accepting responsibility for your part in the marriage not having been successful. One common mistake made by divorcees is buying into the idea that we were just married to the “wrong person”. As a result, we convince ourselves that happiness lies in becoming…

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When to Look For Help

Many parents struggle with the issue of seeking help for their children. Some common concerns parents have are: Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is to trust your instincts as a parent. You know your children better than any one else. In many instances, I recommend parents seek a professional consultation for themselves before taking…

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Parenting With Your Co-Parent

One of the most damaging aspects of divorce consistently emphasized by researchers, mental health professionals and family courts conflict between parents. When children are exposed to heated debates, badmouthing, insults and high conflict situations, they suffer tremendously. Kids literally view themselves as half mom and half dad. When they hear jabs, insults or negative comments…

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Taking Care of You After Divorce

Divorce feels like a crisis. It is a traumatic, crazy and an uncertain time for you and your children. What do most people do when they are in crisis? Well, they survive by living from moment to moment and finding some way to keep going until things get better or at the very least, tolerable.Until…

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Listening to Your Children Talk About Divorce

talk about divorce

One of the most important skills a parent can possess is being a good listener. While it sounds pretty simple in theory, many parents (regardless of marital status I might add) have a difficult time putting it into practice. To become a better listener for your children try the following: Give children your full attention…

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Adjustment Factors for Children of Divorce

children of divorce

There are many factors, which affect how children of divorce are able to cope. Some of those factors we can influence through our own actions, others we may have no control over. Researchers have estimated that the period of adjustment for families can range anywhere from one to three years, and sometimes even as long…

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What Parents Can Do for Kids of Divorce

In the Beginning… If possible, have both parents present when telling children about the divorce.Discuss what you will tell children before hand. Also, keep explanations simple and avoid placing blame. Use general statements such as Mom and Dad can’t live together anymore or Mom and Dad have decided we would be happier living in different…

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Guidelines for Divorced Parents to Live by

The Do’s Do love your children as much as possible.Show them your love through words and actions. Do tell your children divorce is not their fault.Keep in mind, they’ll need to hear it more than once. Do reassure your children that they will be safe.Let your kids know that both parents will continue to provide…

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What is Parent Coordination?

Parent coordination

Q – I’m dealing with a very conflictual Ex.  The judge has mentioned ordering us to work with a parent coordinator. What is Parent Coordination?A – Parent coordination is a relatively new professional role, which has emerged as an alternative resource for addressing high-conflict family situations. Instead of parents engaging in repeated litigation to resolve…

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