Parenting Apart Challenges

How to Co-Parent With A Conflictual Parent

How to coparent with a difficult ex

When you have to co-parent with someone who is dedicated to conflict, you can expect that just about everything related to co-parenting will be more difficult after your divorce. I hear it all the time. “Christina, how can I possibly co-parent with someone who isn’t willing to be cooperative or does everything they can to…

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Handling Holiday Hassles With An Ex Who Hates You

Heather felt that familiar sense of dread. December was always the worst. Although she and Brian had been divorced for over three years, the holidays continued to be complicated and miserable. Despite her best efforts to keep things friendly, there was zero flexibility. If Molly or Jack had holiday parties or special events, Brian would…

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Understanding Parent Alienation and Divorce

What is Parent Alienation? Parent alienation is a dynamic where a child is significantly influenced by one parent (typically referred to the “favored” parent) to completely reject the other parent (often known as the “unfavored” parent). Children are literally placed in a situation where they must view one parent as all bad and one parent…

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Bypassing Battles with Your Ex Over Parenting Styles

  If your repeated requests to “nix the junk” are falling on deaf ears, it’s time to consider a new coparenting approach. From what time Jacob should go to bed to whether or not Haley should be allowed to go to a concert with her friends.  What one parent sees as a perfectly acceptable parenting…

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Ex is sharing financial information with the kids

Q – My ex is sending messages through my kids about child support and putting them in the middle of adult financial issues. What should I do?  A –  When an Ex puts kids in the middle of adult issues it can be beyond frustrating. Unfortunately when this happens, parents tend to either respond by trying to…

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