Co-Parenting Tips

Easing Back and Forth Stress for Kids After Divorce

All the things your kids needed before the divorce, they will continue to need after you split up. How those needs get met, however, can be a real challenge when parents have different parenting styles, household structure, and rules. While it helps when parents can be on the same page about everyday routines, discipline, and…

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Keeping Kids Out of the Middle When Parents Divorce

  Every day we tell our kids to stop.  Stop arguing, stop being loud, stop touching each other… you know the drill. Just stop. And we expect them to do it. When parent split up kids have their own list of “stops” for us too. Stop fighting, stop being angry, stop saying mean things about…

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Gift Giving Tips for Divorced Parents

Molly used to love Christmas but now she can’t wait for it to be over.  Ever since her parents split, the holidays have turned into a gift-giving battleground.  Now during the holidays all her parents seem to care about is how they can outdo each other.  While getting nice gifts initially was pretty cool, it…

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