PARENTING APART TIP – Kids and feelings


Most of us have emotions that we connect with more easily than others. Your children are no different.  Often kids have a “default emotional response” especially when life is stressful or big changes are happening the family.

This means that instead of showing us how scared or anxious they are, it may be easier for them to get angry and lash out or perhaps emotionally crater when they are facing a situation that feels overwhelming.  For example, it may be more comfortable for Devon to scream “I hate you you” than to admit he feels scared or sad about missing Dad.  On the other hand,  Rochelle may be more comfortable acting like everything is fine,  instead of admitting how hurt she feels when Mom doesn’t show up for her scheduled time.

Keep in mind that our children often need us to dig a little deeper. Next time your child is emotionally struggling instead of reacting to the first feeling they show you,  do your best to help them connect with the underlying feeling.