Parenting Apart Challenges

Ovewhelmed single parent – what can I do?

Q – I’m a single parent of two young children. In addition to caring for them, I also work a very demanding job. Between work, handling the household, supervising homework and  after school activities  I’m completely exhausted. By the end of the day, I feel grouchy or short tempered then the guilt kicks in. I’m…

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I'm tired of being the bad guy – what do I do?

Q – I have been divorced for several years. My teenage son thinks his father can do no wrong. I’m always the bad guy. My Ex doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t keep promises to our son and has a history of  disappearing without warning for long periods of time.  Now he’s back. I know my…

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Fiancé feels frustrated with my kids behavior

Q – I am planning to re-marry this year. I have two sons ages 8 and 10.  My fiancé is a really good man but he finds it stressful when the kids make a mess or leave their stuff out.   He also feels like my Ex doesn’t help the situation. When my kids spend time with their Dad it’s…

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