Positive Parenting

The 3 New “R’s” of Back-To-School Success

Let’s face it, some mornings getting kids and all of their stuff out of the house and off to school can feel about as easy as nailing jelly to the wall.  Now add to the mix, two different households, different rules and different routines because Mom and Dad no longer live in one home.  Although…

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The Making of a Masterpiece

“If we all did the things we are capable of, 
we would astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison An “attitude of gratitude” has been a value that my husband and I have tried to instill in all of four of our children from the word go.   We do our best to lead by example. Not only are…

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When children get angry about divorce

Anger and sadness are usually the two most significant feelings children struggle with when parents choose to go their separate ways. While neither falls into the easy to deal with category, usually finding healthy ways to help children manage anger is a real challenge for parents. To offer some insight into what happens for children,…

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