PARENTING APART TIP: Making time to take time

There’s no doubt that the daily grind can seriously impact the quality of our relationship with kids. Whether you are rushing to get to school on time, hassling over homework or trying to get everyone into bed, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of being a full-time taskmaster. Pair that with your own list of to do’s and one-on-one time with kids often gets lost in the shuffle.

It’s been said that relationships are a lot like bank accounts, meaning you want to make more deposits than withdrawals.

To keep your relationship with kids in the black, make sure one on one time isn’t getting overlooked.

Over the next week, sit down with your calendar and evaluate where you can block out at least 30 minutes of quality time with each child.  For those parenting out of two homes, consider using the divide and conquer strategy so each child has some QT with a parent. Allocate one week where each parent takes one child and then the following week, you can switch it up and swap kids.

For those parenting on their own, take advantage of times when one child has a lesson or event and use that pocket of time to do something with the other child.  You can also let children know your plan and develop a schedule where each child gets to have an evening with you.  For example, you might arrange for one child to stay up a little later while everyone else goes to bed.

While it can be hard at times to fit it all in, making one on one time a priority has big benefits.  Not only will it strengthen your relationship but you also may find that some of the day-to-day child rearing battles ease up too.

What tips and tricks do you have for getting QT with your kids on the to-do list?

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