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Handling Holiday Hassles With An Ex Who Hates You

handling holiday hassles

Heather felt that familiar sense of dread. December was always the worst. Although she and Brian had been divorced for over three years, the holidays continued to be complicated and miserable. Despite her best efforts to keep things friendly, there was zero flexibility. If Molly or Jack had holiday parties or special events, Brian would…

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Truthbombs about coparenting and divorce

As a divorce coach, I’ve never been thrilled about the negative images that tend to be associated with divorce. Instead of laboring over kids having a broken family, I encourage parents to frame divorce as a change in the family, not the end of it. That doesn’t mean, however, that I want my clients to see…

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When Children Get Angry About Divorce

Anger and sadness are usually the two most significant feelings children struggle with when parents choose to go their separate ways.While neither falls into the easy to deal with category, usually finding healthy ways to help children manage anger is a real challenge for parents. To offer some insight into what happens for children, here’s…

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3 Tips for Parenting Separate Yet Successfully

During a live chat with Kim Iverson on her nationally syndicated radio show “Your Time With Kim,”  I offered some tips on what it takes to create the best living situation for children when parent’s split up. Figuring out how to take care of children after you separate is perhaps one of the most stressful…

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