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Handling Holiday Hassles With An Ex Who Hates You

handling holiday hassles

Heather felt that familiar sense of dread. December was always the worst. Although she and Brian had been divorced for over three years, the holidays continued to be complicated and miserable. Despite her best efforts to keep things friendly, there was zero flexibility. If Molly or Jack had holiday parties or special events, Brian would…

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Listening to Your Children Talk About Divorce

talk about divorce

One of the most important skills a parent can possess is being a good listener. While it sounds pretty simple in theory, many parents (regardless of marital status I might add) have a difficult time putting it into practice. To become a better listener for your children try the following: Give children your full attention…

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What Parents Can Do for Kids of Divorce

In the Beginning… If possible, have both parents present when telling children about the divorce.Discuss what you will tell children before hand. Also, keep explanations simple and avoid placing blame. Use general statements such as Mom and Dad can’t live together anymore or Mom and Dad have decided we would be happier living in different…

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Will you make difference for kids of divorce?

It’s not often that I ask for help but this is so incredibly important that I felt moved to reach out in a very big way. Just about anyone who has ever met me knows I am absolutely passionate about helping separated and divorced parents raise happy, confident and successful kids.   Over the years,…

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