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Gift Giving Tips for Divorced Parents

Molly used to love Christmas but now she can’t wait for it to be over.  Ever since her parents split, the holidays have turned into a gift-giving battleground.  Now during the holidays all her parents seem to care about is how they can outdo each other.  While getting nice gifts initially was pretty cool, it…

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3 Tips for Parenting Separate Yet Successfully

During a live chat with Kim Iverson on her nationally syndicated radio show “Your Time With Kim,”  I offered some tips on what it takes to create the best living situation for children when parent’s split up. Figuring out how to take care of children after you separate is perhaps one of the most stressful…

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Tips for protecting your children from divorce drama

Several years ago,  Tiger Woods’ shining public image as the World’s Number One Gentleman Golfer took some serious hits. While he may no longer has a reputation as the ideal family man, when new broke, he and Elin definitely did few things right. From the night he crashed his SUV, and throughout the resulting media…

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