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Handling Holiday Hassles With An Ex Who Hates You

handling holiday hassles

Heather felt that familiar sense of dread. December was always the worst. Although she and Brian had been divorced for over three years, the holidays continued to be complicated and miserable. Despite her best efforts to keep things friendly, there was zero flexibility. If Molly or Jack had holiday parties or special events, Brian would…

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How to Avoid a Custody Battle After Divorce

Special thanks to Canterbury Law Group Scottsdale for this sponsored post. Divorce is a messy affair. It’s even messier when you have children. One of the reasons that this occurs is because it’s difficult to think about how to share time with your children. While it seems reasonable to one parent to share care 50/50,…

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Understanding Parent Alienation and Divorce

What is Parent Alienation? Parent alienation is a dynamic where a child is significantly influenced by one parent (typically referred to the “favored” parent) to completely reject the other parent (often known as the “unfavored” parent). Children are literally placed in a situation where they must view one parent as all bad and one parent…

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