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Helping Kids of Divorce Manage Change

Nine months ago, Mathew’s parents told him that they were separating.  They said while they were figuring things out they would keep living in the same house. Yesterday Mathew’s mom, Jackie, announced she’s moving out tomorrow.  Mathew felt like somebody just punched him in the stomach. He thought his parents were trying to work things…

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Parenting With Your Co-Parent

One of the most damaging aspects of divorce consistently emphasized by researchers, mental health professionals and family courts conflict between parents. When children are exposed to heated debates, badmouthing, insults and high conflict situations, they suffer tremendously. Kids literally view themselves as half mom and half dad. When they hear jabs, insults or negative comments…

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Listening to Your Children Talk About Divorce

One of the most important skills a parent can possess is being a good listener. While it sounds pretty simple in theory, many parents (regardless of marital status I might add) have a difficult time putting it into practice. To become a better listener for your children try the following: Give children your full attention…

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