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Tips for Parenting Out of Two Homes

Encourage a two home concept.Children should feel they have a home with both Mom and Dad regardless of how much time is spent with either parent. Be supportive of both homes.Avoid judging or criticizing your child’s home with the other parent. Comparing the two homes or trying to find fault with one home only leaves…

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Parenting With Your Co-Parent

One of the most damaging aspects of divorce consistently emphasized by researchers, mental health professionals and family courts conflict between parents. When children are exposed to heated debates, badmouthing, insults and high conflict situations, they suffer tremendously. Kids literally view themselves as half mom and half dad. When they hear jabs, insults or negative comments…

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My Ex is a slob and it’s driving me crazy

COPARENTING AFTER DIVORCE AND DEALING WITH DIFFERENCES INVOLVES KNOWING WHEN TO HOLD FIRM AND WHEN TO STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF. If you search the web looking for information on coparenting, chances are you’ll find quite a bit of chatter about how to manage big-ticket items. How do you break the news to your kids?…

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