The primary developmental task for infants is to bond with Mom and Dad and gain a sense of security in the world around them. This occurs through regular consistent contact (for example, parents meeting their child’s needs through daily activities such as changing, feeding, holding, interacting etc.)

When parents live apart, meeting this developmental need clearly becomes more challenging. As a result, you will need to be more creative in how you share parenting time, as long periods of time away from either parent is not recommended for infants


  • Can experience problems sleeping, may not eat well or display a loss of appetite
  • Stress is displayed through changes in behavior temperament, or mood
  • Excessive crying, crankiness or irritability


  • Maintain predictable routines and schedule
  • Provide regular and consistent contact with both parents
  • Plan transitions and minimize exposure to parental tension
  • Help develop bonding and sense of trust by providing consistent regular contact with both parents
Keep in mind that young children are also very responsive to and affected by parental stress. Be aware that even though your little one does not understand what is going on, they will respond to it.
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